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Such a fun pair of glasses! The visual effect is amazing and the glasses feel really high quality. I can’t wait to wear them at festivals this summer!

Lucy Thomas

I was surprised how durable and solid these glasses were. High quality for the price! The visual effect was pretty crazy!

Ben Wright

It was like I’d had 2CB but I was actually just in my living room???

Kirsty Macsween
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Why us?

We travelled the rainbow on a mission to bring you the most awesome festival fashion. Our journey started with Kaleidoscope and Diffraction Glasses but thanks to the support from our wonderful customers (Big Up Wonki Crew!!), we have been able to rapidly expand to a full range of Women and Men’s Clothing, Bags, Accessories and Homeware. We can’t thank you enough for enabling us to grow!

We source the very best materials we can find, and are honoured to have skilled artisans on our team who lovingly hand craft each item from scratch. We want you to love our products as much as we do!

Now go on.... be creative, be individual, and most importantly embrace your Wonki side!