Emma and Adam owners of WonkiWear

A little bit about WonkiWear - Festival Fashion and Rave Accessories!

We are Emma and Adam, siblings from the UK with huge dreams and aspirations, and the faces behind WonkiWear. We are united in our passion for music, fashion and partying and after trawling the internet in search of outfit ideas for the 100th time, we knew there was a distinct lack of websites solely dedicated to rave and festival wear. With mixed working backgrounds including business, PR and of course professional raver, we started to hatch a plan to launch our own affordable brand, bringing revellers wildly unique, must-have club wear and accessories.

The utmost love goes into the creation of every item that makes it onto our online shop, and we don't sell anything we wouldn't want to own ourselves. We strive to deliver truly outstanding customer service (but please be kind, we're only human too) and want to ensure our customers are beaming with smiles from start to finish. We treasure our customers and are filled with happiness with every speck of the rainbow we are lucky enough to sprinkle!

Come join us on Instagram if you'd like to follow our journey!!

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