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XL Festival Fan - UV Reactive, Psychedelic Maze


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Introducing the latest addition to the festival accessory game - our brand new Festival and Rave Folding Fans in stunning Psychedelic designs!

These fans are not only practical, keeping you cool during those hot and sweaty dance sessions or long, sunny festival days, but they also make a statement with their mesmerizing psychedelic designs, turning heads wherever you go.

Our folding fans are made from high-quality materials that are both durable and sturdy. They fit easily into backpacks or pockets without taking up too much space, making them the perfect accessory for festival-goers who want to keep cool and comfortable without compromising on style.

Whether you're heading to a music festival, rave, or outdoor event, our Psychedelic Festival and Rave Folding Fans will make sure you stand out from the crowd. They make fantastic gifts for your festival-loving friends, or a treat for yourself.

So don't wait any longer to get your hands on one of these stunning fans. Order now and be the envy of everyone at your next festival!

  • Cool down the heat with this genuine WonkiWear festival fan.
  • Perfect for Every Occasion: Raves, Festivals, Summer, The Beach.
  • Features UV reactive material which glows under black light.
  • Black bamboo ribs with strong material and a durable steel rivet.
  • Length: 13.5”, width: 26” (when opened).

Customer Reviews

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Giant Fan

Arrived next day and the owner was super helpful :) can’t wait to give the giant fan a waft in the sun