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Are you ready for your first festival?

I'm waiting for my lift to pick me up and life is about to get a teeny weeny bit different! It's festival day and I feel like all of my birthdays have come at once. I've planned my outfits for months and triple checked my packing list.

But why am I so excited? Well this is why... I'm about to enter a musical paradise where nothing matters and anything goes, my senses will be overloaded, immersed in the sounds of music, laughter and cheering. A feast of lights, mayhem and I already know I'll want it to last forever!

Whether you want to go for your love of music, with the aim of getting as close to the main stage as possible to hear the incredible live beats from your favourite DJ or band. Or maybe you love the idea of camping and dancing in a field with your mates and the chance to set your inner spirit free. Or maybe glampings more your thing, with the luxury of showers and beauty bars?

There's so many festivals that take place each year that you'll be sure to find something that caters for your personal tastes. Whether it be for music, comedy, yoga, street food, beer or to simply sit back and take in the sights of stilt walkers, professional dancers and the crowd jumping in unity. Whichever way you roll, there's something for everyone. And the lovely thing is, the vibe is always happy, a feeling of one gigantic house party and its totally infectious!

There’s a massive array of music genres to choose from, literally everything under the sun so I won't list them all here, but other than the music, expect fun fairs, food stalls, bars and a wide selection of street vendors. You can pick from a local one day event or get a group together and go on a week long holiday to Ibiza, the world really is your oyster.

Bare in mind though, the best time to buy your ticket is now as the most popular festivals can sell out in a matter of hours, so decide where you want to go early and take advantage of early bird ticket offers, the prices will only go up!  A lot of festival organisers now offer payment plans which can be a great help. 

It’s a time to be who you want, wear what you want, dance how you want, let your hair down and go crazy. And there's one thing for sure, however you decide to party, you’ll never forget the experience and the memories and friends you make along the way.


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