A quick guide to temporary hair colour!

A quick guide to temporary hair colour!

Obsessed with rainbow coloured hair but worried your going to regret it? Why not give temporary hair colour a go to create those lushes mesmerising locks!

Get the technicoloured alternative look, without the commitment. Read on to discover some of our favourite temporary hair colour products….

1. Hair chalk

Not just for kids party’s🎈. Hair chalk can provide a quick and super easy streak of colour just by swiping.

It works best for lighter hair shades. Just run the hair chalk through your hair to easily add a splash of colour.

2. Hair Mascara

Ok so I’m having a major 90’s flash back to when I personally opted for blue streaks 😂.

Whether you fancy a quick root touch up for your current shade, or a vivid pop of colour; you can get the entire rainbow plus some sparkly glitters too, for an easy way to add some colour to your temporary look.

3. Hair Gel

With these beauty’s you can style and add colour all in one go! Job done!!

Available in a full spectrum of neon to pastel shades, it's a quick and easy way to add temporary hair colour at the same time as styling.

4. Clip In Hair (Our Fav) ❤️

Now this is my personal go to as the colours are the brightest, they work with every hair style and not a single hair dye in sight!

An incredibly easy way to add full on colour to your hair. Simply clip them in under a section of your hair to hide the clip and ta da your rave ready!

What’s your product of choice? Or do you prefer to use dyes for a more permanent look? Love to hear your experiences 🌈😘 x

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