Kaleidoscope Glasses - Whirlpool (Clear)

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Seeing is believing with WonkiWear Whirlpool Kaleidoscope Glasses (clear frame)!

Prepare to be sucked into a kaleidoscopic vortex and explore the planet like you’ve just been transported to another galaxy with these kaleidoscope rave glasses. These glass crystal lenses will seduce your senses leaving you utterly spellbound!

WonkiWear’s glasses are of the highest quality kaleidoscope glasses in production and are made to stand the test of any kind of festival frolics. Each first class lens is ingrained with a myriad of prismatic angles, constructed for ultimate light transmission to refract the light rays in your environment.

The prisms in WonkiWear’s glass crystal lenses distort an image into multiple different pictures, angles and colours, creating an out of this world, almost underwater like experience.


  • Genuine WonkiWear Glasses
  • Glass Crystal Lenses
  • Premium Rainbow Coating
  • Superior Construction
  • Perfectly Engineered Kaleidoscopic Effect
  • All In Stock Orders Dispatched Within 24 Hours
  • UK Company

Glasses TLC Care Set (included free for a limited time)

Show your glasses some love and ensure they stay clean and protected, no matter what you get up to with this essential care set. The set includes a strong, stylish box, black leather case, microfibre carry case and a microfibre cleaning cloth.

  • Official WonkiWear strong, stylish Box
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    How do WonkiWear kaleidoscope glasses work?

    WonkiWear Kaleidoscope Glasses have lenses that are ingrained with a myriad of prismatic angles and are infused with a rainbow colouring. They duplicate the light waves in front of them, enabling you to see the world through the eye of a fly, creating extraordinary visual effects and colours.

    What can WonkiWear kaleidoscope glasses be used for?

    •  Music Festivals with light shows
    • Raves with lasers
    • Carnivals and Concerts
    • Firework shows and Bonfire Night
    • Learning about light waves
    • Photography

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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Kiera B

      cool glasses, but how the F do people wear these out!? Proper spun me out sat down!

      Regina E

      Quality glasses, stunning effects, comfortable to wear

      Kirsty M

      I was like I’d had 2CB but I was actually just in my living room!!!